Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

We are so thankful to have had such a wonderful Fourth of July! We got to enjoy the day with Griffin and took him to our neighborhood parade this morning. Then we spent the afternoon at a friend's house, where we swam our hearts out and got way too much sun! He loved every minute of it, and so did we!!

A huge thank you to my dad and Jeff's parents for keeping our sweet Logan company today and to our precious friend Rachel for the most festively patriotic hospital room you've ever seen. We are so blessed!

Tomorrow is a big day for Logan. They are planning to extubate! He is ready to have that silly tube out of his throat. He spends most of his awake time trying to grab it and pull it. We'd love your prayers that he stays strong and breathes like a champ. His feedings are going great. They are using the g-tube exclusively now, and he's up to getting 40 mLs an hour, which is awesome!! His seizures seem to be a little stronger now that he is almost off of the sedation meds, so prayers for those to cease are much appreciated as well.

All our love.


  1. These are such great photos, Karlee. Thanks so much for sharing them.

    Hoping for the best today for little Logan.


  2. Looks like a super festive fourth. What a sweet boy! Glad you had a fun day with Griffin!

  3. I am glad that Logan seems to be progressing! And you were able to have a great day with Griffin! My thoughts and Prayers are with your Family!