Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Logan update: Groundhog Day

Here we sit, beginning our fourth week of this stay, and feeling kind of stagnant. Logan is still on the ventilator, though they were able to put him on the lowest setting, and he did a pretty good job breathing over the vent. In the last couple days, he has developed some congestion in the lower left portion of his lungs, so we started some new breathing treatment meds to break it up. As of this morning, that area is looking better on the x-ray.
He has also been running a fever off and on since Sunday, but the cultures are all coming back negative for infection.
The g-tube site has gone backwards from a healing perspective. After his bout with toxic shock last weekend and the extreme swelling, he has had a large amount of fluid draining off the site. It appears we are seeing a decrease in the amount of fluid in the last couple days, so there is talk of trying a different kind of tube for a while so we can start feeding him again. He's been on IV nutrition since last Saturday, and we're told nutrition is the biggest factor in promoting healing.
Since we haven't been able to use his g-tube for food or medication, he has not been able to have a couple of his seizure medications that aren't available in IV form. We have seen some increase in his seizure activity, but have been able to keep decent control of it with the sedation medications.
One of our nurses calls it Groundhog Day, and that's exactly what we feel like. We make a little progress and then have a setback, over and over and over again.
We are thankful though that he has made progress. It was a little over a week ago that we were preparing ourselves for the worst, and it's a miracle that he pulled through then. Now we pray, among many other things, that his lungs continue to improve, stay clear and he can be weaned off the ventilator in the next few days. We are also praying for the fever to go away, that he can fight off whatever is causing it and for the doctors to figure out a way to start feeding him again so his g-tube can heal.
Thank you to everyone who has been checking on us and sending warm thoughts. Sorry for the lack of updates and as always, we are so thankful for your relentless prayers.

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  1. Karlee, I wish I had something better to say than, "I'm praying." It seems a little lacking under the circumstances. However, I realize that's largely what I can do for you. I know that I barely know you at all, but I truly hate this for you, and for anyone in your position. But, I am praying. Our God is an awesome God - that I know for sure.
    By the way, what hospital is Logan at?