Friday, October 7, 2011

The Power of Pinterest

I know those of you who are avid blog readers are very familiar with the latest internet phenomenon that is Pinterest, but I just thought I'd take a minute to share my testimonial of the power of Pinterest.

A while back I was browsing one of my go-to sites for fun clothes on the cheap (Forever21). I came across this very cute top and proceeded to pin it to my 'Fashion & Beauty' board on Pinterest.

Pinned Image

You know, just so I was sure not to forget about it, should the day come that I had a few extra dollars to spend on my wardrobe. Fast forward to this week, when I celebrated my birthday. To my delight, my sweet sister had spotted my pin, ordered the top and surprised me with it for my birthday! So fun, right?! On top of that, she sent a polite nudge to my husband about this pin as well (and he took her advice)! She's a keeper, that sister of mine!

Not only did my favorite new internet addiction serve as a birthday gift finder for my loved ones, but our remodel contractor asked me to send him a link to my kitchen board so he could get some ideas of the feeling we're going for. Gone are the days of tearing pages out of magazines and being forced to keep up with them... I can access my inspiration photos from my phone, anywhere I happen to be (and I have, many times)!

Pinned Image

I can't tell you how helpful it has been to see several different images of kitchens I love and be able to determine exactly what I like about each one. With so many options for countertop, cabinet color, flooring, backsplash, etc., I have such a better idea myself of what I want to achieve in our space. And to have a contractor who has a vision for what we want the space to look like... priceless! He and his team have even been on the hunt for pretty green light fixtures to try to recreate the look of the gorgeous kitchen above!

So, while Pinterest can certainly be a time-sucking black hole if you're not careful, it has proven to be quite valuable in my book! I recommend checking it out if you haven't already!

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