Friday, September 2, 2011

Outdoor Living

We recently purchased a new 'chat set' for our covered patio. I love that it's called a chat set, because that's exactly why I wanted it - to have a comfy place to sit, chat and perhaps enjoy an adult beverage.

Budget was our main consideration in this purchase, and when I found this set at Home Depot, I couldn't resist. At $279 with free shipping, I was sold! The reviews were very positive, and my girl Martha put her name on it, so I was pretty sure it would look great.

It came this week, and we unpacked the mammoth box as quickly as we could. It's pretty light weight, so I wouldn't put it out in the crazy Oklahoma wind, but I think it looks much more expensive than it was. I'm very pleased with our little purchase! Next summer, we hope to run cable and electricity to the patio so we can install a TV, hang a fan and maybe get an outdoor rug.

For now, it's supposed to be 85 degrees on Sunday and Monday, so I cannot wait to get out there and enjoy. I'll try to finish up styling a little and take a few pics too.

Happy Friday!

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